it doesn’t change much

February 21, 2009

it doesn’t change much
that bone of his.
(who brought it?)
he’s down there now
chewing it.
it gets dirty, lost,
he ignores it.
when I stay in bed too long,
when I’m up here
scibbling on white pages
with the black toothed pen,
he gets up,
rises from the couch,
finds the bone and chews it.
it gets a little whiter
a little shinier
this bone.
I hear him chew,
hear his old teeth scrape,
in my mind’s eye, my eye tooth,
I see his teeth get shinier, whiter.

I’m glad for the bone,
I’m glad for the black-toothed pen.
I hear it scrape on the white page,
see the scratches (the scribbles) it leaves,
the pretty pictures.
my old teeth get whiter
chewing these old bones.
they don’t change much,
a little shinier,
a little whiter,
the words fewer,
closer, cleaner.
chewing bones — good for the teeth,
writing bones — good for the heart-tooth,
the eyetooth,
the tooth chakra,
the archetooth.

what are you?
let me see,
let me feel,
let me bite.
take, eat,
this is your body
broken, unbroken,
whole, hard as bone,
chew it,
know it,
soft as flesh,
turn it over,
love it.


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