branching moments

March 1, 2009

My day is filled with branching moments when I choose between courses of action.
A choice is made and new sequences, new trees of possible branching moments emerge.
Do I sit in the chair for a moment or do I continue on to the kitchen to put the dishes away?
I sit and a new choice presents itself: do I pick up the guitar or not?
I pick it up and end up playing it for 30 minutes, practicing.
Then Jo sits down and turns on the TV and two hours later I am still in the chair.
The dishes are still on the counter in the kitchen.

For me to achieve want I want to achieve I need to exert a kind of discipline.
I need to hold myself to certain promises – made only to myself.

The branches are not the same.
Some trees are more beautiful than others, come closer to the sun, produce more seed.
The choices matter.

The promises I make to myself,  because they are made to myself, are made to the world, it is the same thing.
Attention is attention.


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