March 2, 2009

It is not what I am doing that I find difficult.
It is what I am not doing.

What I am not doing causes me to resent what I am doing.
What I am doing then bears the blame for what I am not doing.

It is, at the same time, the grandest and deepest of issues, and the most mundane, procedural, even superficial.

Which causes me to think that solutions, pathways, thru my difficulties require two very different but equally important strategies. To address things on both levels, simultenaciously. To value both approaches equally.

The surface and the great dark deep.

Addressing one is addressing the other. Failing to address one adversely affects the other. One is not necessarily more real than the other or the cause of the other.


One Response to “simultenaciously”

  1. fahbz Says:

    Tis true that I am an admirer, a fan…run to read Wetmore.
    A little concerned though, I actually understand this piece.

    One of the most “fun” things is that each piece is soooooooo
    different. Makes perfect sense though, Dan is different…in that he is truly “real”, spontaneous…not practiced. Thanks DW

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