March 3, 2009

for years it was the globe he walked upon
and the starting point was anywhere his feet happened to be

any place could be a starting point

lift this stone
examine this leaf
every thing would lead to every other thing
and the leadings and the pathways would themselves be things
as worthy as any other
of attention and reflection
both noun and verb
the hand and holding
grasping and the thing let go
bone, muscle, ligament, tendon
desire, desiring, and the thing desired
this leaf
all of it game
all in the mix
all yeilding and fruitful
for years he collected these starting points and connections
beginnings and metaphors of beginning

now the globe recedes to a place in his mind’s eye
it sits on a pedestal in a backyard garden

shiny, metallic, reflecting,
bending the entire world,
reducing it to a bright spot, small, unarticulate,
and reduces it further, smaller, marble-like, rolled to a corner in his dusty ofice,
office in theory only

every moment is the beginning

for years he collected these seeds, followed these tracings

he who traced the footprints of a fly
where are his footprints?
is it only about finding  beginnings in the grain of a piece of granite?
or the tip of a tablesaw blade, how the point is the vanishing point?

where do his feet tread and where he is treading?


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