a dog’s tooth

March 6, 2009

while sorting my papers I found a page ripped from a book with
a Tibetan saying on it, and an English translation:

where there is veneration
even a dog’s tooth emits light

and then a day later in my desk I find a little handsewn pouch with a drawstring.
Inside is a collection of dog’s teeth, from a skull I found on Block Island
so of course one of the teeth sits on my window and
now I am following veneration back to its roots,
since I can’t pursue the Tibetan word.
Tho I will when I find someone who knows the word.

in Hasidism everything is filled with light, fire actually,
not just people or living beings. Everything contains
the fire of God. Knowing/believing that can change how
you live in the world. I see it as metaphor but that
does not diminish the awe I feel concerning our
common existence. Or the pain, especially now as
the ice floes melt beneath the feet of the polar bear
and the carnage continues in Iraq and Sudan and…
To maintain a vision of that light in the easy darkness,
good work if you can find it.


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