a history of the parts of speech

March 7, 2009

can there be parts of speech
before speech was consciously divided into parts?
(does the division occur before one is conscious of it?)

before noun and verb, what?
before subject and object, what?
(is there a ‘ before’ before subject and object? is subject and object pre-encoded?)

before rules of grammar what?
an internal pre-grammar the stuff of grammar? Chomsky?

what is that ‘thing’ of which day is the noun and dawn is the verb?
is there such a thing?
what is the reality of which green is the color, grass the noun and grow the verb?
what is the reality from which they all emerge? grass, I think

did it start as one thing? or was it a verb at times and noun at others?
is it possible to imagine how it felt to use words before division into noun or verb occurred? or is the division itself all after the fact?

experience before codification into noun and verb
how are parts of speech described/identified in other languages?
and in history at what point does it become important to people whether something is a noun or verb

a history of the parts of speech

start with the words themselves
trace noun, verb, subject, object,
is there anything before the fact?


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