God as finger

March 7, 2009

I was at a craft show many years ago, selling puzzles. I got into quite a discussion with a three year old. I asked about his family. He put out his left hand and began touching the end of each finger with his right index finger, in order, starting at the thumb, and saying a name or relation:
There is Mom (touching thumb), Dad (first finger), Susie (middle finger), Me ( third finger)
and he stopped. I, then, being my impish self, touched his little finger and said, “Who is this?” He stared at the finger for quite a while, then suddenly smiled and said, “that’s Buster!” (his dog)

He then repeated the process, each time he touched the tips of he fingers he would say the same names/realtions. Mom was always thumb, etc.

His logic (illogic) (my impishness) was that if a symbol (finger/pointer) exists than it must refer to something (point to something). That logic/illogic is endemic in human language/consciousness. If a word exists then it must point to something.
So God must exist. And Soul. And Spirit.

Or is God just a name for an extra finger?
Give it a name and presto, it has existence.


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