self-portrait as twisted wire

from the dim misty and tortured past, another s-p


set to match the others posted earlier
May 2009 © Daniel Wetmore

wash me

May 29, 2009

wash me

road grime on my truck
Middlesex, VT May 2009 Daniel Wetmore

white on blue

May 27, 2009

white flowers

Waterbury, VT May 2009

the breezeway

May 26, 2009

Bill had a “breezeway,” that’s what he called it, a narrow space between the house and what was originally the garage — about five feet wide and fifteen feet long. The previous owner had converted the garage into an office with large plate glass windows where the garage doors had been and had enclosed the breezeway in a glass and aluminum contraption with a storm door on either end. If the back door of the breezeway was unlatched and you opened the front it was likely that the back would suddenly swing outward with the wind that whipped up from the harbor. The doors would bang and clatter and you could hear the sucking and wheezing of the hydraulic closers as they fought the gusts and tried to pull themselves shut

reading through the four gospels
one after the other
each time hoping that Jesus
would come down off the cross
as if he could somehow learn
from the experience of the previous gospel
as if each time the story started over
there was a chance for a different ending

Matthew — he dies
Mark —he dies
Luke — again
one more chance — come on Jesus!
come on God the Father!
but no — in John he dies too
bravely, but willingly, passively
and abandoned by God

I remember the darkness,
the emptiness
the resurrection stories didn’t hold my attention
I read them quickly, skimmed them
anxious to get to the next gospel
to see if the outcome would change
they seemed unlikely and awkward
tacked-on happy endings
strange and not credible to an eight year old
who already knew that dead was dead
and they didn’t address the issues anyway

injustice, cruelty
that God would abandon
such a good and decent soul,
the loss
that we would be robbed of uncounted future years
of his teachings

resurrection as ad hoc afterthought
weak and transparent

crucifixion as what it is


May 21, 2009


Main Street, Montpelier May 2009 Daniel Wetmore


May 21, 2009


East State Street, by the parking garage, Montpelier May 2009 Daniel Wetmore

tree in cage

May 21, 2009

tree in cage

East State Street, by Village Pizza, Montpelier May 2009 Daniel Wetmore

“perfect” square

May 21, 2009


idea came from Doug C., friend from college,
made this in maple from cabinets discarded
from the Kent Museum