Abraham and Tillich/God beyond God/human within human

May 20, 2009

Abram rejects “family gods,” the little idols that people set up in their houses,
the gods of his father and ancestors,
for the single “spirit” god who can not be contained in a wood or clay figure.

Three thousand years later (or so)
Tillich rejects Abraham’s God (the “God of religion,” of monotheism)
for the “God beyond God.”

familiarity breeds contempt, insecurity
monotony breeds change

rejection of the familiar
mistrust of the familiar, too familiar
the familiar exhausts itself
loses its mystery

new levels of mystification are required

but if we reject the “God beyond God”
what next?
perhaps the human within the human?
or just the human,
enough mystery there, I’d say


One Response to “Abraham and Tillich/God beyond God/human within human”

  1. dan dolan Says:

    Or from the the ancestor/past to the worship of the descendants/future.

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