August 29, 2009


idea for shelf
Daniel Wetmore

another sand painting

August 23, 2009


from the same day and beach,
at Stone Harbor, NJ, in August 2009
the mark of water on the sand
Daniel Wetmore


the Governors Island ferry approaching the slip,
August, 2006? Daniel Wetmore

black-eyed Susans

August 21, 2009

day's eyes

in Stone Harbor, NJ, August, 2009
Daniel Wetmore

daisy is a collapsed spelling of “day’s eye”
after the way a daisy opens its “eye” during the
day and closes at night

blue shingles

August 21, 2009


house next door in Stone Harbor,
August, 2009 Daniel Wetmore

first puzzle

August 20, 2009


made this in 1983, while on Block Island,
living with Stringfellow.

dream self-portrait

August 18, 2009

self-portrait-in-crayon copy

a light moment during the dark period