corner shelf protoprototype

prototype for S
October 31, 2009
Daniel Wetmore

tarp graphic

close-up of one of the tarps I had made
for my craft show booth, laid out all summer
on the ground to kill the goutweed

tarp stretched in the sun

October 28, 2009

tarp with sun shining through

in our driveway,
Montpelier, October, 2009
Daniel Wetmore

from the top o’ Guernsey

October 28, 2009

Guernsey Avenue

cars and houses green grass, fall colors
in a slice of Scooterville

oh little town

do I have a room with a view, or what?

bicycle tracks

October 25, 2009

bicycle tire tracks

evidence of youth,
of activity,
Stone Harbor,NJ
summer of ??
Daniel Wetmore

self-portrait with banjo

a person with his priorities firmly, yet lightly, in hand
note the attire, the fact that he is in the shade
the focus on the fingers
the slight stubble and near scowl
he could be anywhere
the ring signifies commitment
the watch awareness and mortality
the eyeglasses frailty
but goodness gracious look at those fingers!

Jesus hands, I tell you, Jesus hands!