rough logo

November 30, 2009

rough logo for shelf site

new logo

November 29, 2009

new logo for shelf site

Thanksgiving Day, after the rod bearing blew
on Jo’s Toyota, walking home with the camera.

mound of babel display shelf

November 27, 2009

built for Deb last year
for displaying photography and cards

my dear wife

November 26, 2009

can you guess which one of us is into books??

Thanksgiving Day, 2009,
while the car was breaking down,
taking a walk in the park.

Blue Sky in the Winooski

November 26, 2009

after the car broke down, on Thanksgiving,
walking across the bridge into Montpelier.

window casing one leg

November 25, 2009

quick shelf for my office,
Jo likes it for plants.

sine curve shelf sketch

November 24, 2009

snake or sine curve shelf sketch
Summer 2009 Daniel Wetmore

tree shelf sketch

November 23, 2009

today’s shelf sketch
November 23, 2009