starry metal thing

December 22, 2010

this is about the size of a quarter
not sure what it is,
have two of them

tree play house

December 22, 2010


final version of first “three branch tree” prototype

the coffee table at the end of the jam

wine glasses, wine bottle, corkscrew, AARP journal,
tuner, wallet, tv remotes, It’s a Wonderful Life,
White Christmas, cell phones, National Geographic,
pens, phone numbers written on stickie note,
The Montpelier Bridge,

window progress

December 8, 2010

building the header with old wall in place

the rough openings with the old window out

until the new windows arrive,
kitchen as large refrigerator

double helix shelf sketch

December 1, 2010

idea for a shelf for nuclear biologists
based loosely on a segment of DNA