Dan the Puzzle Man, in his prime

January 22, 2011

I think this was at a Midsummer festival on State Street.
That is the Capitol Green behind me.
Someone took a Polaroid picture.


2 Responses to “Dan the Puzzle Man, in his prime”

  1. Yup! These are the puzzles I remember! I love the juggler (with different colors in each ball), the boxes, the moon and stars – I think I’m going to have to pull them out and play with them again :-)

  2. Dan Wetmore Says:

    Hi Karen,
    Sorry I didn’t respond sooner. Did we meet somewhere?? Ages ago. You know my puzzles…
    I did it for 10 years. I see you’re a reverend. I was seminarian at Union Theological Seminary in NYC.
    I will look to see if I have any Hands puzzles kicking around. Not sure. I am thinking of doing small
    runs of them again. They are good designs (if I am allowed to say that). Thanks for taking
    an interest in my work.

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