a cabin in outer space

April 24, 2011

a cabin in outer space
–midnight rave #26

it isn’t really as cold as outer space,
but that’s why it’s cold, the snow.
it’s colder than the earth
because it starts out so much closer to outer space,
and it’s cold there.

and you know,
as green and shadowy and warm as sometimes it is here,
we really are just in outer space.
a hot spot island maybe
(if you’re lucky or it’s summertime)
but still…

the sun is there,
the sky is blue,
but it’s in outer space too,
even the clouds,
they’re just near.

and nighttime?
nighttime is outer space.
daytime may be “looking in the face of your mother”
but nighttime is seeing only one thing
and knowing that you’re not it.

nighttime is naked sky
it isn’t empty
it’s full,
but there is so much space between everything
and everything is just what it is
at least most of the time
especially (in our lifetime)
and you too
are as there and as real as a star
and just as lonely


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