thought trains and pain

February 12, 2011

at the end of every train of thought…
a homeless man, a broken person
someone wounded, unfixable —
and me, standing there, loving
yet unable

but this is yet to be proven
and thoughts don’t run on trains
and you fear your power and glory
as much as your weakness and shame

they are there — they were and they are
and yet there is more
and you will not discover it (uncover it)
until you discover it (uncover it)

call it a train or a tree or a
branching matrix of pain — yet
it is not all pain and even the
the pain is a part of it —
it comes with the territory
but does not define it.

words and freedom

February 20, 2010

pinned to my wall


October 10, 2009

openings are made by entering
paths by walking

each hour is sacred

October 10, 2009

each hour is sacred

treat every hour
like some new altar

change the offering
as the hour demands

each hour make something whole
and be whole in your making

writing out on a note card
and pinning up on my bulletin board:

a place for everything
and everything in its place

then, later, coming back to find
that I had left the pen
the extra note cards
and extra pins out, on the table

creating more mess while getting
clear about reducing it

as soon as you start

October 8, 2009

as soon as you start
to do something
the enormity of all the things
you need to do
slams down on your mind
your heart
like a car hood
falling on your head

at hand

July 9, 2009

the struggles,
the problems,
the obstacles,
the difficulties

may be very deep
seem inaccessible

but the answers,
the solutions,
the ways through

are all on the surface
at hand
right here