words and freedom

February 20, 2010

pinned to my wall


October 10, 2009

openings are made by entering
paths by walking

as soon as you start

October 8, 2009

as soon as you start
to do something
the enormity of all the things
you need to do
slams down on your mind
your heart
like a car hood
falling on your head

every moment

September 19, 2009

every moment is that moment

turn around

June 1, 2009

turn around
before you scream into the darkness

alone with one’s thoughts
no greater terror

to walk

June 1, 2009

to walk in such a way
that one foot does not
despise the other

the future

June 1, 2009

the future ain’t what it used to be
what’s more, it never was


June 1, 2009

re-entry is always a critical time
especially if you discover you’re
approaching the wrong planet