Blue Door

October 1, 2011

the storm door at K’s
before removal

cracky pavement

July 23, 2010

frieze board

frieze board on the north side of the house,
scraped and ready for paint
October, 2009

crazed paint on trim

July 12, 2009

crazed paint on trim

the trim board and a bit of clapboard
21 Guernsey, Montpelier 2009 Daniel Wetmore


Montpelier High School tennis court, May, 2009 Daniel Wetmore

driveway cracks

March 12, 2009


driveway cracks, Yortktown Heights, NY 2009  Daniel Wetmore

starry night

March 3, 2009

fractal cracks in asphalt, Stone Harbor, NJ,  2007