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this afternoon in the backyard, beans just starting

black-eyed Susans

August 21, 2009

day's eyes

in Stone Harbor, NJ, August, 2009
Daniel Wetmore

daisy is a collapsed spelling of “day’s eye”
after the way a daisy opens its “eye” during the
day and closes at night

maple flowers

June 11, 2009

maple flowers

the little yellow flowers are the maple flowers,
they carpeted the ground that day

Waterbury VT May 2009 Daniel Wetmore

white on blue

May 27, 2009

white flowers

Waterbury, VT May 2009

dandelions and bricks

May 7, 2009

dandelions and bricks

by Julio’s Cantina, Montpelier, VT May 2009 Daniel Wetmore

dandelion is from the French dent-de-lion tooth of the lion (think of the shape of the leaf)