this is from a chunk of bowling alley…. from Captain Nick’s on Block Island
wrapped in cherry from the bar at the Thrush Tavern

window progress

December 8, 2010

building the header with old wall in place

the rough openings with the old window out

until the new windows arrive,
kitchen as large refrigerator

how many squares can you find in this picture?

this is frame for a door to go beneath the sink

it takes a village

October 28, 2010

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it might take a village to raise a child (especially if no one can figure out who the parents are)
but it takes a twisted individual to design a trash can slider like this

cherry floor door

August 20, 2010

cabinet door in kitchen,
made from old cherry flooring

the frame is made of cherry from Hubbard Park

a tree grows in brooklyn

August 13, 2010

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dry fit of our kitchen ‘island’

work in progress

August 1, 2010

working on new shelves and other changes in our kitchen

spice rack sketch for s

March 15, 2010

idea for spice rack for s

to see more:
everything is a shelf