arrangement #2

May 4, 2012

another arrangement of those lids

front and back of table, as of May 3, 2012

my work table

April 7, 2010

I have used this slab of plywood for…
I don’t know how many years now

rain on metal flashing

April 7, 2010

at the job site,
after it started to rain,
picking up,
about to grab the left-over flashing,
stop, in the pouring rain
to watch the drops beading up

run for camera

upper left you can see a drop in mid-splatter,
a little bit up and to the right there is a drop that has just
collided with a bead,
it looks like a little navel, or doughnut

Blue Sky in the Winooski

November 26, 2009

after the car broke down, on Thanksgiving,
walking across the bridge into Montpelier.

another sand painting

August 23, 2009


from the same day and beach,
at Stone Harbor, NJ, in August 2009
the mark of water on the sand
Daniel Wetmore