up side down bay

August 11, 2009

upside down world

the water is so still,
it is difficult to see it

the bay at Stone Harbor
August morning, 2009 Daniel Wetmore

fiddle and sandals

August 11, 2009

fiddle and sandals

on the balcony in Stone Harbor
August, 2009 Daniel Wetmore
Allan Block sandals

morning at the Jersey shore

Saturday morning just after sunrise
Jersey shore, August 8, 2009 Daniel Wetmore

garbage in, garbage out

August 10, 2009


empty garbage cans next to full, electrified, lit all night, garbage boxes,
Stone Harbor street scene, NJ 2009 Daniel Wetmore

still water still morning

August 10, 2009

bay at morning

the water was like glass
August, 2009, Stone Harbor, NJ Daniel Wetmore

cracking road paint

August 9, 2009

cracking paint on road

cracking paint on a cracking road
Stone Harbor, NJ, 2009 Daniel Wetmore

water ripples on sand

water ripple/flow marks left on beach at low tide
Stone Harbor, NJ August 2009 Daniel Wetmore