I think this was at a Midsummer festival on State Street.
That is the Capitol Green behind me.
Someone took a Polaroid picture.

Hand Play

January 22, 2011

standing stacking and balancing pieces from the Hands puzzle,
from the days of “Bright Ideas” and the puzzle man

juggler puzzle

July 17, 2010

tree puzzle idea

July 17, 2010

skyline plus

June 7, 2010

old sketch for puzzle

totems puzzle idea

May 5, 2010


paint station

March 14, 2010

where I painted the puzzle pieces
the wood is actually from a hunk
of bowling alley that I drove up
from Block Island on top of my
VW beetle in 1984

seagulls puzzle sketch

February 26, 2010

tulips sketch

February 24, 2010

early sketch for tulip puzzle design

tree puzzle sketch

February 20, 2010

puzzle idea that my friend Mary said
looked too balanced, too much like
a logo for an orange juice company

from the 1980’s