November 23, 2011

looking straight down, off a pier, at the waterfront in Burlington Vermont

elm street rain puddle

July 28, 2010

earth wind fire water
and waves

so I am standing there, on Elm Street, right by the Court House,
and I look down…
and ask myself, do I schlep back to the truck to fetch my camera?
and I do

reflections of a tarp

November 2, 2009

water and light on tarp

old white tarp in the back yard,
mud, water, sunlight.
Daniel Wetmore
October, 2009

old quarry wall and water

October 19, 2009

Rock of Ages

at the Rock of Ages quarries
Barre, Vermont, October 19, 2009
Daniel Wetmore

up side down bay

August 11, 2009

upside down world

the water is so still,
it is difficult to see it

the bay at Stone Harbor
August morning, 2009 Daniel Wetmore

Magonk Point

the beach I played on as a child
full tide, sunset, July 4, 2009
Waterford, Connecticut
Daniel Wetmore


the mirror itself is from my “difficult period,” 1980-something
took the picture today, March, 2009

light on water

March 28, 2009


the trip to Block Island, October, 2008 Daniel Wetmore

fractal ripples revisited

March 23, 2009


same shot as before, only zoomed in and light and dark shifted, 2008 Daniel Wetmore