self reference

May 11, 2009


sign at a gas station, Waterbury, VT May 2009 Daniel Wetmore
service is implied


bending the river

March 15, 2009

one leaf fragment
held firm in the ground
and turned the little stream
sent it coiling away
over new ground

as the rain comes down
and the little streams form
and pick their way
they make their way
by dissolving
grain by grain
fleck by fleck

when these small flecks give way
when this particular one does
the water’s flow shifts
leaves the path it was on
and courses down a new one

my mind is such a ground
my thoughts tiny rivers
the simplest small thing
can shift the entire flow
and I lose myself
in muddy
silty distractions

control (or at least awareness) of the simple
the small
the gesture
this is where self-mastery begins.

the first dark patch

March 4, 2009

the first dark patch
of snow-melted soil
rich and dazed
by its own new self

her one hand rests
smooth and weightless on my side
finding life
giving life