tower of squares

May 14, 2013


Built this for myself, for storage of shelf designs in process.
Each successive shelf height is exponentially shorter than the one below it.
For what it is worth…

The shelves are made from old sliding closet doors, 3/4 inch plywood and some old pine siding, trying to use things up at the end of the job.



A book shelf for my best customers in Montpelier….
part of a larger project..

model for d and m

July 28, 2012

model for d and m

for M

finished today, August 20, 2011.
Desgned for pamphlets and such….

for j and m

one leg for j

June 1, 2011

side view of new shelf for j

working on a building

May 20, 2011

almost done with second shelf for j

new lightning shelf

May 7, 2011