tower of squares

May 14, 2013


Built this for myself, for storage of shelf designs in process.
Each successive shelf height is exponentially shorter than the one below it.
For what it is worth…

finished today, August 20, 2011.
Desgned for pamphlets and such….

working on a building

May 20, 2011

almost done with second shelf for j

tree play house

December 22, 2010


final version of first “three branch tree” prototype

built-in for c

May 7, 2010

shelf collage

March 23, 2010

at the LSC

legless corner shelf

March 13, 2010

another version…

see more shelves at:
everything is a shelf

wings of the spirits

March 11, 2010

wine and beer, that is

sketch for glass rack

March 11, 2010

idea for L

sketch for string theory #3

February 9, 2010

“one point orients the frame,
three strands, the universe”