rain on water

September 26, 2010

the back bay at Stone Harbor, NJ
September, 2010

Rule of Fourths

September 25, 2010

sunrise over the Atlantic,
Stone Harbor, NJ

Sunrise over the Atlantic

September 22, 2010

sunrise from the beach at 98th street, Stone Harbor, NJ

sycamore tree

September 21, 2010

in Stone Harbor, New Jersey

bicycle tracks

October 25, 2009

bicycle tire tracks

evidence of youth,
of activity,
Stone Harbor,NJ
summer of ??
Daniel Wetmore

blue shingles

August 21, 2009


house next door in Stone Harbor,
August, 2009 Daniel Wetmore


in Stone Harbor 2009
(green, grass, and grow all emerge from the same root)
Daniel Wetmore