tarp and sunshine

February 2, 2010

another photo of the gray tarp stretched in the sun

snow on tarps

December 6, 2009

the snow is back

December, 2009

reflections of a tarp

November 2, 2009

water and light on tarp

old white tarp in the back yard,
mud, water, sunlight.
Daniel Wetmore
October, 2009

tarp graphic

close-up of one of the tarps I had made
for my craft show booth, laid out all summer
on the ground to kill the goutweed

tarp stretched in the sun

October 28, 2009

tarp with sun shining through

in our driveway,
Montpelier, October, 2009
Daniel Wetmore

tarps by backboard

May 5, 2009


tarps by Montpelier High School tennis courts, May 2009, Daniel Wetmore


Montpelier High School tennis court, May, 2009 Daniel Wetmore

Firewood and Tarp

March 10, 2009


firewood and tarp, Montpelier, VT, March 2009  Daniel Wetmore

tarp and snow

March 4, 2009

snow on tarp, 2007, Middlesex, Vermont