new version of lightning bolt shelf for r (the green one)
next to the original (which was at Langdon Street Cafe for the last year)

original zig

May 23, 2011

this is the shelf what started it all
took it down off the wall this week,
repainted and just put back up.

new lightning shelf

May 7, 2011

zig zag shelf

April 27, 2011

new shelf for jg

one leg tower sketch

November 14, 2010

sketch for a one-leg tower shelf,
possibly free-standing

prototype of small “s” zig zag shelf
wall mounted

© 2010 Daniel Wetmore

flying goose duck shelf

November 8, 2010

latest prototype of simple snake shelf

finally painting the prototype for the snake shelf

July 24, 2010

zig sketch

January 17, 2010

another small zig sketch

snake zig zag shelf

another view, held up to the wall above the pianer