trellis weave

May 14, 2013

trellis weave

beginning of an idea for a trellis for M and J

The shelves are made from old sliding closet doors, 3/4 inch plywood and some old pine siding, trying to use things up at the end of the job.



Worktable, Continued

August 18, 2011

Most recent (August 2011) appearance of my worktable.

this is from a chunk of bowling alley…. from Captain Nick’s on Block Island
wrapped in cherry from the bar at the Thrush Tavern

after painting k’s model

working on a building

May 20, 2011

almost done with second shelf for j


May 19, 2011

close-up of my by now very old worktable
(slab of plywood on sawhorses)

model for k

May 5, 2011

rough scale model for k and d

idea for s

April 28, 2011