November 23, 2011

looking straight down, off a pier, at the waterfront in Burlington Vermont

rain on water

September 26, 2010

the back bay at Stone Harbor, NJ
September, 2010

so I am standing there, on Elm Street, right by the Court House,
and I look down…
and ask myself, do I schlep back to the truck to fetch my camera?
and I do

w is for water

July 13, 2010

water waves

July 12, 2010

Thanksgiving Day, after the rod bearing blew
on Jo’s Toyota, walking home with the camera.

ripples in the winooski

October 23, 2009

ripples in the winooski

taken from the foot bridge in Montpelier
October, 2009 Daniel Wetmore

old quarry wall and water

October 19, 2009

Rock of Ages

at the Rock of Ages quarries
Barre, Vermont, October 19, 2009
Daniel Wetmore

another sand painting

August 23, 2009


from the same day and beach,
at Stone Harbor, NJ, in August 2009
the mark of water on the sand
Daniel Wetmore

sand pattern

August 17, 2009

sand pattern

after high tide, the pattern that is left,
Stone Harbor, NJ 2009 Daniel Wetmore