Natessa’s shelf

July 26, 2010

prototype meander shelf for N

finally painting the prototype for the snake shelf

July 24, 2010

snakes in love puzzle

February 20, 2010

drawing for the ill-fated snake puzzle, only made prototypes of this one

snake shelf prototype

December 13, 2009

snake shelf

new shelf, from sketch to prototype in less than a week
new Dan record

snake design

October 3, 2009


design for a puzzle
Daniel Wetmore 1994

as it turns out

February 25, 2009

as it turns out
the whole unpleasantness
(you know)
with the snake and tree
and fiery sword
was just a bad dream

we find ourselves
Adam and Eve
middle-aged and fully clothed
with a ladder leaning into the tree

Adam hands the fruit (apples)
down to Eve
who (all smiles)
places them in a large wicker basket
the snake, out of view
eats mosquitos