life on mars

July 24, 2010

up by Vermont College of Fine Arts
July 23, 2010

cracky pavement

July 23, 2010

crazy cat dream

February 23, 2010

Crazy Horse was called Crazy Horse because he dreamed
of a horse of many colors, a “crazed” horse, not mad crazy,
but color-crackled crazy.

This was my dream. A crazed cat. Crazy Cat.

frieze board

frieze board on the north side of the house,
scraped and ready for paint
October, 2009

cracking road paint

August 9, 2009

cracking paint on road

cracking paint on a cracking road
Stone Harbor, NJ, 2009 Daniel Wetmore

crazed paint on trim

July 12, 2009

crazed paint on trim

the trim board and a bit of clapboard
21 Guernsey, Montpelier 2009 Daniel Wetmore


Montpelier High School, May, 2009 Daniel Wetmore

crazed pillar

March 29, 2009


crazed paint on metal post at lumber yard, Middlesex March 2009 Daniel Wetmore
with some serious tweaking in a photo edit program

plywood and paint

March 25, 2009


creme stand, Montpelier, March 2009 Daniel Wetmore

crazed paint and old mold, Montpelier, 2007 Daniel Wetmore