tree play house

May 24, 2011

new version of tree play house

new shelf

February 23, 2011

need a name for this one…..

tree play house

December 22, 2010


final version of first “three branch tree” prototype

three branch tree

November 6, 2010

work in progress,
this will fit it frame not yet built

less one branch

the forest growing

July 31, 2010

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for s and j

book forest

July 18, 2010

book shelf for s and j

forest for the books

July 6, 2010

close up view of shelf for S and J

another forest

March 21, 2010

another sketch

everything is a shelf

the forest for the books

March 13, 2010

sketch for s and also for another s

to see finished pieces click here:
everything is a shelf