pieces for drunkard’s path

February 27, 2011


sycamore tree

September 21, 2010

in Stone Harbor, New Jersey

to cover an access
to the back of the tub

super slick oil (and water)

October 24, 2009

slick oil

rainy night in Vermont,
camera pointed down
Daniel Wetmore

another sand painting

August 23, 2009


from the same day and beach,
at Stone Harbor, NJ, in August 2009
the mark of water on the sand
Daniel Wetmore

sand pattern

August 17, 2009

sand pattern

after high tide, the pattern that is left,
Stone Harbor, NJ 2009 Daniel Wetmore

water ripples on sand

water ripple/flow marks left on beach at low tide
Stone Harbor, NJ August 2009 Daniel Wetmore