5 by 5 square, 25 copies of the same tile, from my pattern project

mughal 2 rosettes

April 21, 2011

arrangement of tiles from pattern game

mughal one, chain mail

April 21, 2011

this is a screenshot from a tile game I am developing

images for tile project

February 27, 2011

pieces for drunkard’s path

February 27, 2011

I think this was at a Midsummer festival on State Street.
That is the Capitol Green behind me.
Someone took a Polaroid picture.

Hand Play

January 22, 2011

standing stacking and balancing pieces from the Hands puzzle,
from the days of “Bright Ideas” and the puzzle man

the heart is a simple puzzle

November 22, 2010

didn’t have the heart to cut it up…

another old puzzle idea,

it is missing its top piece
which should be white

cloud bat bull bird sun

November 22, 2010

puzzle idea from the cabin days