idea for b of cg

August 29, 2012

this is a model of a store display shelf for bags of coffee beans,
small initial prototype.
the rectangular blocks are the coffee bags.

model for d and m

July 28, 2012

model for d and m

model for k

May 5, 2011

rough scale model for k and d

This is an 18 inch rough model for a new shelf for A and J
Look how Adobe Illustrator transforms the photo.

new shelf

February 23, 2011

need a name for this one…..

one-leg shelf

January 25, 2011

prototype of small “one-leg” shelf


November 26, 2010

this is about 4 1/2 inches tall,
the holes will be bigger, and deeper….

Natessa’s shelf

July 26, 2010

prototype meander shelf for N