young love and old books

September 23, 2010

at Coffee Talk, the coffee house in Stone Harbor
September, 2010

star shelf

April 30, 2009


sketch for shelf, really a double zig-zag, 2008 Daniel Wetmore

zip zap lightning shelf

March 14, 2009

zip zap lightning shelf

a narrower version of zig zag, 2008  Daniel Wetmore

sunwheel shelf sketch

March 13, 2009


design for a display shelf 2008 Daniel Wetmore


free-standing ribbon shelf, donated to Kellogg-Hubbard Library, Montpelier,
October, 2008 designed and built by Daniel Wetmore

network shelf

March 6, 2009


designed, built for network engineer, 2008, Daniel Wetmore

zig zag shelf

February 16, 2009

zig zag shelf

zig zag shelf